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    Full plastic nose wirePlastic Nose wire

    Maskfit Plastic Nose wire

    Tai hing 100% plastic nose wire in the mask can fit for national standards of ordinary disposable masks, surgical masks and medical masks.Plastic nose wire is also named by plastic nose strip, or plastic nose clip.  

    Plastic Nose Wire For Children Mask

    Tai Hing full plastic nose wire is lighter and safer than single / double core nose wire. It is more suitable for children masks, surgical masks and export masks. Its quality is recognized from the big brands of masks manufacturer in GuangDong. Plastic Nose wire can be easy to adjust and no rebound after bending and contortion to be kept the shape unchanged, fiting the nose and face steady and comfortable. Plastic nose wire is also named by plastic nose strip, or plastic nose clip. Made of 100% plastic, all raw materials are certified with Rosh, REACH and other environmental protection requirements.

    Width*Thickness: 2.5mm*0.85mm; 3.0mm*0.75mm

    Package in rolls or bobbin ( Contact us for 100m samples)

    ROSH, REACH, Halogen Free

    Fluorescence Test, Angle Test, Bending Strength Test

    Full plastic nose wirePlastic Nose wire
    Remark: The above information is for reference only, the client can customise the colour and shape based on their needs.


    In light of the current situation of COVID-19, impact the supply of domestic and foreign masks market and causing shortage. In the meanwhile, Tai Hing is recommencing production and operation of facilities systematically. As current circumstances, we actively invent, study and develops a new scheme for processing and producing the nose wire in the mask, which are fitted for disposable ordinary masks, surgical masks and medical masks and children masks. Hoping we are able to help in this flight by contributing our 35 years producing monofilaments experience.
    Full plastic nose wirePlastic Nose wire
    Full plastic nose wirePlastic Nose wire
    Full plastic nose wirePlastic Nose wire