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    Oral Care

    Oral care includes the toothbrushes and interdental brushes, those are required a soft and slender brush to able to clean the gap between teeth, and providing high elasticity and not easy to damage oval cavity. Antibacterial function is available to add in the filaments and make higher hygiene standards brushes.



    Hair brushes needs to deal with different environment, the high-temperature resistance of the plastic filament is required. Our hair brush filaments are designed for different use, such as household, hair salon and professional designers. Extra anions in hair brush filament is good for human body, as well as anti-static function for taking care long hair conveniently.



    Cosmetic brush filament requires good elasticity, ease cleaning and soft touching. Our filament tip is soft and resilient after sharpening, as well as strong hygroscopic and restoring. Antibacterial function and anions is available to add in the filaments and make higher hygiene standards brushes.



    High ability to absorb and release the nail polish is the most important thing for the polish brushes. Our monofilament products can meet the above requirements for getting a smooth painting and avoiding brush marks.