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    Fine Filament | What filament products are in particular high demand right now?

    Release time:2020-07-29 11:56:44

    With the rising living standards of public, people have higher and higher requirements for household cleaning and personal care products. They are not satisfied with conventional cleaning and care tools or accessories, and pursue innovative cleaning products with high quality and high cleaning efficiency.

    PA612 nylon filament 62

    Tai Hing nylon fine filaments products with a diameter of less than 0.12mm and materials made of PA612 and PA610, compared with the fine filaments products on the market, have uniform diameter and better straightness, as well, the filaments transplanting effect of brush is beautiful.

    It provide less damage when it directly contact skin, and ensure a certain cleaning or brushing power, because of its softness , good flexibility and good bending resilience. It is often used to make exquisite mid-to-high-end cleaning and care products, such as makeup brushes, toothbrushes, nail polish brushes.

    What’s more, it can enhance the cleaning effect and create a clean and safe living space for consumers with antibacterial and other functional elements.

    Please contact us for samples.